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About Wild Calm™

Wild Calm™ THC-FREE CBD products are the natural way to manage daily wellness. They promote calm and focus, and help to provide relief after physical exertion and the pressures of a hectic life.

A restful night’s sleep is within easy reach with our products. Wild Calm™ THC-FREE Muscle Balm and Hemp Tincture can be integrated into all your daily wellness practices.

Unlike other CBD companies, we provide a signed and dated Certificate of Analysis (COA) from a third-party lab for every product sold — ensuring that professional athletes, police officers, medical professionals, and other individuals can be guaranteed a product that is THC-FREE. See an example of our COA here.

Try Wild Calm™ THC-FREE Muscle Balm to provide relief and assist recovery after physical exertion.

Try Wild Calm™ THC-FREE Hemp Tincture to support restful sleep and promote a sense of calm.


Wild Calm™ customers can have confidence in a safe THC-Free product with every batch tested at
Badger Labs, a Wisconsin State Certified Hemp Lab.

What People are Saying

“I was initially a bit skeptical until I tried this on my knees after a night of dancing- a few sprays and my knees were 20 years younger!”

Our Guarantee:

Every consumer of Wild Calm™ THC-FREE products can have confidence in a safe and predictable product with the transparent relationship we have with Badger Labs, a Wisconsin State Certified Hemp Lab.

Purchasers of our product can be assured that we are Third-Party Certified THC-FREE and that the potency of our product meets our label claim. Check out Wild Calm™ CBD in our shop now!

The Benefits of CBD without the psychoactive effects

Wild Calm™ – The THC-FREE CBD Company You Can Trust

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