A cup of Joe and your CBD

Aug 19, 2022 | Calm

A good morning always starts with a cup of coffee for me. Like a lot of other people, I look forward to greeting my cup of coffee shortly after getting up. It is a vital part of my day. Everyone has their routine and this is mine.

Recently, I decided to place a bottle of Wild Calm™ 2000mg THC-FREE CBD hemp tincture right next to my coffee maker. Why? Because starting my day productively is a simple process that has become a mindful routine: take that bottle and add a few drops to my coffee while it is brewing. It makes my morning coffee Wildly Calm.

Just add a couple of drops to your first beverage of the morning and then depending on the daily dose you take you can add the tincture to your additional beverages throughout the day.

If you are an on-the-go person, it is really easy to just keep your Wild Calm™ 2000mg THC-FREE CBD hemp tincture in the original box and keep it in a convenient place. The box is manufactured using fiber recovered from the extraction process and has a unique magnetically attached lid.

Adding it to your favorite beverages throughout the day is a simple way to add Wild Calm 2000mg THC-FREE CBD Hemp Tincture into your routine.

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