Choose Your Mindset, Change Your Day

Feb 4, 2023 | Resilience, Self Care

Some people seem to bring a smile with them wherever they go. But for most of us that takes effort. Our brains are wired to look for danger, to protect us every second of the day, so it takes effort to train ourselves to look for the good. Building this “looking for the good” muscle can be a powerful wellness approach.

Step 1: Notice what is happening inside you. Where are you spending your day? Are you able to have a mindset of gratitude, appreciation, hopefulness, and do you also have moments of impatience, frustration, stress or anger? If you are human, you will have all of these emotions.

Step 2: When you find yourself stuck in the muck, try to be curious about your thoughts and feelings without judgment. Research shows curiosity opens up the thinking part of the brain and allows us to be creative. Curiosity and interest are a powerful way to shift your mindset.

Step 3: Whatever mood you find yourself in, give yourself grace, be gentle with yourself, take a deep breath, smile and know you are building your resilience by being more mindful.

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(See The Mood Elevator, by Larry Senn for more information on being mindful of your mood.)

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