Easy, Free and Effective Wellness Workout

Jan 19, 2023 | Workout, You

Have you recommitted to a regular wellness workout? I found a way to increase my wellness while also balancing my life and work. I combine increasing daily steps and healthy eating, with a daily Four Minute Workout my chiropractor recommended. The workout is energizing and I can fit it in morning, noon and night! 

According to the ZACH BUSH MD | 4 Minute Workout, this is a new concept of exercise that leads to efficient muscle growth. As you complete this workout, Nitric oxide is released, allowing for more oxygen to be delivered to your brain, kidney and other areas of your body. Nitric oxide is a molecule made by the human body that feeds our muscles. Bush recommends we do this workout multiple times a day to increase muscle growth while also benefiting from increased oxygen flow to all of our systems.

In just four minutes you exercise the 16 largest muscle groups in your body. It is a free, easy, effective way to tone your body systems. I follow this by using the THC-FREE CBD Wild Calm™ Muscle Balm for gentle and rapid relief. 

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