Dealer Retail Starter Pack

Wild Calm Retail Starter Kit includes

  • 4    30ml 2000mg Tincture
  • 4    60ml 2000mg Muscle Balm
  • 6    5ml 2000mg Tincture
  • 6    10 ml 2000mg Muscle Balm
  • 6    1g 800mg Vape Wax

$200 minimum purchase, any mix.

$300 Minimum Order for free shipping.
Includes Display Rack

  • Free merchandising support on our website. •
  • Reseller soles support videos. •
  • Connect your website to support videos. •
  • In-Store Promotions •
  • Free Trial Products

Bonus for First 25 Dealers :

Limited Edition 30 ml 2000mg Tincture In Hemp Box



Product may be shipped to all states which allow the legal sale of CBD.


Certificate of Analysis (COA) for Every Bottle

We are unique in providing a Certificate of Analysis (COA) for each batch. This means you know what is in your bottle of Wild Calm™ CBD every time you purchase.

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Dealer Retail Starter Pack

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