THC-FREE CBD Hemp Tincture (Dealer Price)

Wild-Calm™ broad-spectrum hemp tincture includes a range of beneficial cannabinoids (such as CBD, CBC, and CBG) that work with the body’s natural systems to maintain wellness.

THC-FREE means that the product has been third-party tested using standard certified hemp testing protocols in an independent, certified hemp laboratory and no THC has been detected.

  • 2000 mg broad-spectrum CBD Tincture
  • 30 ml bottle supplies 66 mg/ml of CBD per 1 ml serving



Product may be shipped to all states which allow the legal sale of CBD.


Certificate of Analysis (COA) for Every Bottle

We are unique in providing a Certificate of Analysis (COA) for each batch. This means you know what is in your bottle of Wild Calm™ CBD every time you purchase.

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THC-FREE CBD Hemp Tincture (Dealer Price)

The Benefits of CBD without the psychoactive effects

Wild Calm™ - The THC-FREE CBD Company You Can Trust.