Start Your Day the Wellness Way!

Feb 11, 2023 | Self Care, You

In the first few moments after awakening, you set the stage for your day. This is Tip #1 for Starting Your Day the Wellness Way! Even before you open your eyes, you can imagine yourself at your best. Think of a specific time when you felt productive and successful. Trust that you will be successful today. Anchor this thought with a phrase – like “let’s go” “calm and confident” or “Today is a wonderful day, I choose to make it so.”

Tip #2: Absorb Light: In the morning and every hour throughout the day, flood your eyes with light. The brain responds to light. The neurological link between the retina and the brain plays an important part in helping you keep focus and energy throughout the day.

Tip #3: Move: Get at least 5 minutes of light exercise in the morning and after dinner. In the morning, it sends a signal to increase calm energy. In the evening, it raises body temperature so you can sleep more soundly.

Tip #4: Eat Smart: In the morning, eat a few bites of the meal that matters most. This tells your body to get ready to start the day.

And another easy way to add wellness into your day is to use one of our THC-FREE CBD products. They are a natural and trusted way to promote focus and a sense of calm.

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