Taking Care of Yourself so You Can Continue to Take Care of Everything Else!

Jan 24, 2023 | Resilience, Self Care

Yes, putting on your own oxygen mask first is really important, especially as we recover from the multiple stressors these past few years have brought. And when you find yourself losing your temper, or feeling exhausted and frustrated, it is time to call a time-out.

Too often, we ignore our symptoms of pain or exhaustion or look for the quickest way to take care of them so we can push through and get stuff done. One person I interviewed shared her story of how she ignored neck pain until she couldn’t turn her head to check her mirror while driving. If you are ready for a time-out, here are a couple of steps to build self-care into your routine.

  1. Stop ignoring symptoms and address them proactively. Daily check-ins with ourselves can help us stay healthy. To address neck pain immediately, we can learn simple stretches to do daily and prevent the loss of mobility. And we can use Wild Calm™ THC-FREE CBD Muscle Balm to help soothe and calm us.
  2. Identify daily wellness practices that take ten minutes or less. Really? Yes, in ten minutes or less you can feel more cared for and less stressed. Here are some examples: stay hydrated, take a walk at lunch, breathe deeply all the way into your stomach, stretch, call a friend, meditate or pray, smile, hug someone, watch the sun rise or set, journal.

Same goes for other symptoms – physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Check in and address those symptoms proactively!

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