Why THC-Free CBD is Important to People

Jun 13, 2022 | You

There is a lot of confusion out there in the Hemp CBD marketplace. I had a conversation with a veteran that was taking a product produced locally and marketed directly by the hemp farmer. He was paying a premium for his monthly supply of CBD oil because he felt he was getting a good deal and the producer handled the product from seed all the way through handing him the bottle.

He told me he wanted a good product with no THC. He compared the “THC Free” Wild Calm™ product with his product which “Contains less than 0.3% THC.”

His question was, “What’s the difference?”

I have fielded that question quite a few times since that conversation. I am finding that most CBD consumers do not really have a good understanding of the differences.

THC Free means just that. There will be no THC in the product. That means Zero THC. With a high-quality product, you will find a Quick Response code on or in the package which the consumer can then scan and be directed to the results of a certified, third-party analytical lab supporting the absence of THC and the level of CBD in the finished product.

Companies will also put a disclaimer on the product which follows the federal government’s farm bill mandate of all CBD products required to have less than 0.3% in finished products. Many companies, like the one my veteran friend was sourcing his CBD from, contain THC but fall under 0.3%. Unfortunately, some do not supply third-party analytical support. Beware of any product not supported by certified laboratory results.

If you want a truly THC-FREE product such as Wild Calm™ THC-FREE 2000 mg one-ounce tincture, make sure you can get the third-party analytical results showing 0% THC in the finished product. This Wild Calm™ Certificate of Analysis (COA) shows zero detection of THC (ND=Not Detected).

At Wild Calm™, we will always have analytical results available to the consumer, which verifies each lot number and quality of product produced.

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